How To Watch UFC 249 Live Stream Online | Watch Khabib vs Ferguson Live

UFC 249 Live stream is an upcoming professional Ultimate fighting which will take place on 18th April 2020 at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY, United States. Main Card Weigh IN Video Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson big fight available here to watch .

Watch UFC 249 Live Stream MMA Khabib vs Ferguson Online HD 4k TV

In this article, UFC MMA fans will get a complete guideline to watch 2020 Khabib vs Ferguson live stream online without cable. This year UFC 249 MMA of this great Decade Fighting is going to take place. Khabib vs Ferguson is a hot & big Fight, anyone should watch in person as its the most prestigious UFC MMA Fighting.

ufc 249 live fight online hd tv telecast

UFC 249 MMA  Khabib  vs Ferguson Overview

Fighting Date : 18th April, 2020
Time : 9:00 PM ET
Location : Barclays Center

Unfortunately millions of viewers will not be able to seat in the gallery. Around 7,785 spectators can watch UFC 249 MMA  Khabib  vs Ferguson Live from the speedway at Daytona beach. The rest of the fans have to watch on TV or online.

In this article, we will provide all the possible ways to watch UFC 249 Annual Khabib vs Ferguson live stream online from your home without cable or with cable. So, get to know your options to Watch UFC 249 MMA Khabib  vs Ferguson Live from Daytona International Speedway.

Ways to Watch UFC 249 MMA Khabib  vs Ferguson Live Stream in the USA With or Without Cable

There are two popular ways to watch 2020 Daytona live in your home. One way is through cable TV. Another way through online streaming services. The following are the possible ways to watch the championship Fighting.

Watch Khabib vs Ferguson on FOX (With Cable Option)

Fox is the official broadcaster of Khabib vs Ferguson in the USA. FOX has been streaming this Fighting for the last 13 years since 2007. FOX network is the only possible way to watch Khabib vs Ferguson on cable TV. This is the only way to watch Khabib vs Ferguson for free.

Viewers must have fox network available in their area. If the FOX network is available in the area viewers can get FOX through digital antennas. In some areas, FOX is not available. In that case, viewers can watch Fox on popular online TV streaming services.

For instance, Fubo TV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, etc. are some of the popular online TV streaming companies. The next part will discuss watching online on the Internet.

How to Watch UFC 249 MMA  Khabib  vs Ferguson Live Streaming Online? (Without Cable Options)

There are many options to watch Khabib vs Ferguson online other than cable TV. First of all, viewers have to buy live TV streaming subscriptions. Hundreds of packages available in popular TV streaming services.

You can get Fox channels on these Online TV. The following are the top 6 services you may consider for Khabib vs Ferguson stream.

Khabib vs Ferguson Online Live Streaming Channels

  • Fubo TV
  • Hulu+ Live TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV
  • AT&T TV Now
  • PlayStation Vue

Fubo TV Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson Live Streaming 

The main idea was to provide live sports to the fans. To watch any games online FuboTV is the first choice of sports lovers. They have many affordable options for viewers. Subscriber also gets to watch news, movies, etc. other than sports.

With Fubo TV you can watch 4K videos of your favorite sports. Fubo and Fubo extra are the packages available to subscribe. Fubo extra costs $60/month, which is $5 higher in comparison to the Fubo plan. The price of basic Fubo is $55 per month.

Fubo extra provides more than 120 channels in total. While Fubo has 90 channels. Among all the channels, most of the sports are covered. On top of sports, news and entertainment are also available. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make the deal with ESPN. So, ESPN will not be available in the subscriptions.

Other than the packages, the subscriber can purchase add-ons. There are 11 add-ons available on the Fubo network. With $9/month Sports Plus add-on will give you access to most of the sports available in the USA. They also have a plan for adventure lovers.

Adventure Plus is available for five bucks. There is an add-on for cycling lovers which will cost $12 per month. Sometimes subscribers may want to watch some movies or get updates on entertainment news. For them, Showtime add-on is available for $11.

Fubo also has 30 hours of DVR for all the subscriptions, which can be increased to 500 hours. 500 hours of recording will cost ten dollars per month. Most of the popular streaming devices can play Fubo.

It is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromcast, etc. including iOS and Android. Before subscription, you can check out the list of streaming devices on Fubo Website.

One more thing, it comes with 7 days free trial with the canceling option. So, you can check the quality before paying for the subscription. FOX TV is available on Fubo TV. So, Fubo is a good option to watch Khabib vs Ferguson Live Streaming.

Hulu+ Live TV UFC 249 Live Streaming 4k tv Online

Hulu made a different move by providing a single package for all. The base price is $44.99/month. Which gives access to live TV along with all the Hulu originals. Since there is no contract or commitment you can cancel the plan any time after subscription. Moreover, 7 days free trial period will give the subscriber full access. The trial option will help the subscriber to know the service well.

With $44.99/per month, the client will get 60+ channels. Subscribers will get unlimited screens to share with the family and friends at home. Kid’s option is also available. Once you get the subscription, the client can create a profile dedicated to the kid. With kid profile, adult content will not be available. Because of the kid’s profile parents don’t need to worry about what their children are watching.

The base plan doesn’t come with HBO. With $14.99 per month, anyone can add HBO. Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime are available for $10.99, $8.99, $9.99 respectively.

Like other streaming services Hulu has a DVR option. They have introduced Could DVR for all. Initially 50 hours of recording available which is extendable to 200 hours. Since it is cloud storage, it can be accessed from anywhere, any device.

2 screens can be played at a time. Hulu is available on iOS devices, Android, Apple, Roku TV, Xbox, Fire Tv, and other popular devices. The full list is available on the official website.

YouTube TV Watch Khabib vs Ferguson UFC 249 Live

YouTube TV has a single pricing strategy with no add-ons or extra things. The flat price is $49.99/month. 70+ channels are available with this single subscription.

Initially, it comes with 7 days of the free trial. So, you have the option to check the service whether spending 50 bucks is worth it. If you don’t like the service, you are not bound to pay. But, you have to decide during those seven days.

YouTube TV has a unique feature. Subscribers will get unlimited DVR space. No other competitors have this option. A client can add 6 accounts on a single subscription and all of them will get unlimited DVR space. They will save your recording in cloud storage for 9 months.

The simultaneous streaming option also available. Users can stream 3 screens at a time. It works like a YouTube website or app. So, it is available on almost all the latest devices.

Sling TV Khabib vs Ferguson Live Streaming 

To compete in streaming market Dish Network takes their move with Sling TV. Yes, you hear right.

Dish Network started Sling TV and they are the sole owner. In Sling TV customers will get all the important channels. The pricing is not that high. They don’t cover locally available free channels.

Sling offers two options for subscriptions. One is Sling Orange and another one is Sling Blue. Orange offers 30 channels and blue offers 50 channels. There are few common channels which are available on both subscription. If anyone wants to watch all the channels available in both packages, there is another package. The third package brings both plans together.

Combine plan will charge only $40/month on top of that customer can avail 7 days free trial. Another good thing is that Sling always offers some kind of discount to its new customers. Right now they are giving a 40% discount for the first month for new users.

Users may buy extra packages on top of the base subscription. Extras start from $5/month up to $10/month. Comedy channels, movies, Hollywood related channels, etc. can be added as extra. Premium channels are also available on Sling TV. Those are priced from $3-$10. Spanish speaking people can get a language plan for $5.

Some may misunderstand after watching the Spanish language plan. They might think Sling is also available in Mexico. Sling is only available in the USA, mark that.

AT&T TV Now Live Telecast UFC 249 Free HD

AT&T Now previously known as DirectTV Now. AT&T comes out with some new feature and they changed the name. Mainly AT&T Now has two packages, Plus and Max. They also have some other packages.

Plus comes with HBO and 45 other channels, which cost $50/month. Max comes with more than 60 channels including HBO and Cinemax. The price is $70/month for Max. Max also has more sports channels than Plus.

If Max and Plus don’t satisfy any customer, there are other subscription plans. Those plans cost a little bit higher. The lowest one is $86/month and the highest one is $130/month. Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate and Optimo Mas are the packages. A subscriber can combine plans by adding premium channels, Spanish or International TV to the packages.

AT&T TV now has 20 hours of DVR space. More space can be added by $5/month. Like other platforms, AT&T offers 7 days trial. Since it is a little bit costly than the competitors, one must try the trial period before making the final decision. TV Now is available on most of the devices. Which means you can watch on any devices anywhere.

PlayStation Vue Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson Live tv

Sony provides PlayStation Vue service. With the name, anyone can get confused. Most of the people think it is a gaming platform or console. But the reality is, Vue is a TV live streaming service. Another confusion, one may think they will need a PlayStation watch TV. The truth is, no PS needed to get the Vue Service.

It offers 2 plans. Access and Core are the names of the packages. The core will cost $54.99/month and Access $49.99/month. Two more packages are also available. Elite and Ultra are the names of those two packages priced $64.99 and $84.99 respectively.

Elite and Ultra have the same 80+ channels. The difference between them is HBO and Showtime subscription. One can add a sports package with Access and Core. The sports pack will give access to watch Khabib vs Ferguson Live.

A user can add as many as 10 accounts on a single subscription. Five simultaneous streaming on 5 different devices is possible. Unlike other streaming, company Vue offers 5 days trial.

It is available on popular devices. But PS4 and Apple TV allow watching 3 channels on the same screen.

How to Watch Khabib vs Ferguson Fighting MMA from Anywhere?

All the services discussed above are offered in the USA only. Now, what if you already have the service, but staying out of the USA during the Fighting day. You will not be able to login to and restricted by location service.

What if, you live out of the USA and someone in your family and friends living in the USA has the subscription. They might watch to add you to their account. Still, you will not be able to access the TV streaming company’s website or apps. An only possible way to watch form anywhere either VPN or Smart DNS proxies.

How to Watch UFC MMA Khabib vs Ferguson live through VPNs?

VPN is a way to use a country-specific IP address from anywhere in the world. Sometimes some websites are dedicated to a few countries. Which mean anyone browsing from other location will not be able to visit.

For example, TV streaming services FuboTV, Sling TV, PS Vue, etc. are not accessible outside of the USA. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will give access to those services. Now the question is how the VPN will permit access? The answer is, VPN will let you choose a USA IP address to browse blocked sites.

It is better to use paid VPN service for the hassle-free smooth stream. The free one will also work, but those are slow and show ads. If you Google for VPNs, you will get hundreds of them. Steps to using a VPN:

  • Buy a VPN service and install it on PC or Computer
  • Login to your account with user ID and password.
  • Select a US IP address and connect.
  • After the connection gets established browse the desired website.

How to use Smart DNS Proxies UFC 249?

DNS Proxies hell to bypass a location tag. All the internet connection has an IP and DNS address. DNS address defines the location of the computer or user. Proxy DNS gets the user a new location.

This is very easy to set up. Searching on Google about DNS proxies will give you hundreds of tutorials and you can use any of them. We will suggest using Google US DNS.

How to Watch UFC 249 MMA  Khabib  vs Ferguson Live Outside of USA

Other than USA Khabib vs Ferguson has millions of viewers worldwide. People from Canada, UK, Australia, and Switzerland also watch Khabib vs Ferguson. The following are the guidelines to watch from those countries.

Watch Khabib vs Ferguson Live From Canada

TSN will stream Khabib vs Ferguson this year. Canadians can watch TSN through a cable subscription. TSN will start the program with pre-Fighting at 1 PM ET (9 am PT). So, if you have cable television you don’t need to worry.

Viewers can also watch TSN TV on computer or handheld devices. TSN Go will give access to TSN live TV. A subscriber just has to visit TSN Go and put their login information.

Ways to Watch UFC 249 in Australia

Foxtel was the only way to watch any sports events. But, Foxtel will not cover any racing events this year.

So, Australians will have to look for alternatives.

Another options could be for Australians is KAYO Sports.

UFC MMA gives a way to watch Daytona events through TrackPass. TrackPass is a service by UFC MMA. The pricing for Australians is $15/month or $125/per year.

Watch Khabib vs Ferguson in the UK

Premier Sports will show the event on Fighting day. Their coverage will start at 7 pm GMT. Premier Sports has its subscription plans as well as available on Sky Network and Virgin Media. Sky users can add Premier for free for one month. After that, they have to pay £9.99/month, with no trial option. Virgin Media users can get the service for the same price, but they will not get any free month offer. Premier Sports has its very own Premier Player, which will cost £9.99/month after 1 free month.

Watch in Switzerland Live UFC 249

The only way to watch UFC 249 MMA  Khabib  vs Ferguson Live in Switzerland is DAZN, and over-the-top (OTT) subscription-based streaming service. Because of OTT subscription, any Swiss can watch direct streaming without using cable or VPN.

How to Watch Khabib vs Ferguson Live On Android & iOS?

All the live streaming services have their apps on Android and iOS. If you have those apps on your phone, you can watch Khabib vs Ferguson on phone easily. You just have to sign in to the account in the app. Make sure you have the latest app installed.

Watch on PPV by UFC MMA UFC 249

If all the methods fail, Khabib vs Ferguson is available on Track-Pass. It is a service by UFC MMA only for their racing events. Anyone can buy the subscription for $15/month or $125/year. The subscription period is February 01, 2020 — November 30, 2020. Users will need to have the latest browser installed which can open an HTML5 website on a laptop or PC. They also have an app on Google Play and the App Store. So, Track-Pass is accessible on phones and tablets.

Listen to Khabib vs Ferguson on Radio

MRN, PRN and SiriusXM UFC MMA Radio will air the Fighting. SiriusXM is a premium service. To listen to Khabib vs Ferguson on SiriusXM you have to get XM All Access for $20.99/month.

Can You Watch Khabib vs Ferguson Live On Reddit?

There is a myth that, Reddit has its live streaming service for the users. In reality, there is nothing call Reddit live stream. So, there is no way to watch the UFC 249 Fighting on Reddit.

UFC 249 Live Stream MMA  Khabib  vs Ferguson Schedule in Details

There will be events for the whole day, but the main cardevent will be on Aril 18th, 2020.  All the updates will be available on the official UFC website.

Barclays Center has been hosting Khabib vs Ferguson this year.This Fighting is considered as most prestigious Fighting in UFC MMA. This 500 miles track also hosts AMA Superbike, SCCA, USCC, ARCA, and Motocross.Khabib vs Ferguson Laps A Fightingr needs to complete 200 laps to finish the Fighting. know the best fight of Khabib vs Ferguson till today.Where to get Khabib vs Ferguson Tickets 2020? Tickets are available on official websites. In the past four years, they have sold out all the tickets. So, if you still thinking, make a move and buy before sold out. Tickets start from $99. All the front seats are already sold out. Fans can buy a bundle package and save money.

Khabib vs Ferguson Qualifying Qualifying Presented by Kroger, will take place on February 9. The fan will have to wait until 9 February 2020 to get to know the qualifier.Lets learn some awkward questions people ask about UFC MMA Fightings.UFC MMA Khabib vs Ferguson Lineup, Khabib vs Ferguson Start Time The gate will open at 08:00 AM. Pre-Fighting will start at 1:00 pm ET and UFC 249 Fighting will start at 2:30 pm ET and it is announced that Dale Earnhardt Jr. will wave the green flag to start the Fighting as an honorary starter.When is the Khabib vs Ferguson Fighting This Year?UFC 249 MMA  Khabib  vs Ferguson is going to take place on 18th April 2020 at 2:30 pm ET. Is there any accidents occur in Khabib vs Ferguson?Crashes and accidents are very common in any Fighting event. Khabib vs Ferguso n is also not an exception. In history of Khabib vs Ferguson, there are number of crashes occurred.


UFC fans will not want to miss Khabib vs Ferguson at any cost. It is known as “The Great American Fighting”. Millions of fans will not be able to watch the match on the ring.For them, this detailed step by step guideline to watch UFC 249 MMA  Khabib  vs Ferguson Live Stream will help to decide.Let’s start the countdown for UFC 249 Annual Khabib vs Ferguson.